Day in a life of Stuntcat - DJ Set @ Beatbaracke, Aschaffenburg

Stuntcat - Sandpiper Inn
The official video for the Stuntcat song "Sandpiper Inn". We used an original Tomy rascal robot from 1977 for shooting the sequences. The japanese brand Tomy were the first starting to create a whole series of wind-up toys in the late `70ties. So while shooting this scenes this little man was already 34 years old and belonging lifetime to Linda from Stuntcat. Enjoy!

Stuntcat performing live in their bathroom
The Indie - and LoFi couple Stuntcat (Germany) is performing "The day she held her breath for 17 minutes" live in their bathroom. No one else than trash-icon Stig Sneddon from Nebraska USA worked the camera. The original song can be found on the Stuntcat debut "You look so alien in your bloody tuxedo" (Amazon / Itunes worldwide). Enjoy!

Stuntcat - Lucky Star
 We wanted to shoot a different video but that day our camera equipment broke. We decided spontaniously to mash this one together. Have fun with this Stuntcat Mashup video with some exclusiv material you have never seen before.

Stuntcat - Fragments of a New York diary
 official video for the song "Fragments of a New York diary". We shooted all sequences with our cellphone a couple of hours before we left N.Y. back in april 2011.

Stuntcat - Charles David Nutlicker III
 Stuntcat from Germany and Stig Sneddon from Nebraska met in Florida and recorded this trash video for their song "Charles David Nutlicker III" on January 1st. Director was Bjoern from Stuntcat. Did we really drink all these bottles of champagne that day?

 Stuntcat on WDR 2 / Bandspecial (german)
 A media special / portrait broadcasted on a big radio station in Germany.

Stuntcat Radio Interview with english subtitles (part 1)
 part 2
 A calm evening, two mugs of coffee and 22 minutes time to talk: Klaus Lenser interviewed Bjoern from Stuntcat for his radio show. This is the full interview with english subtitles.