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“Where the White Stripes leave a big hole and The Indelicates failed, another couple found its place. Rock music has rarely been that uncompromising...If the Space Needle was next to the Borsigplatz, Sub Pop would clearly have a new Signing." - Motor Music

"This couple is rightly compared with Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. A great and straight indierock album has to sound exactly like this."
- Intro

"The final song "Sarah stares at the sun" can be interpreted as a 9/11 post New York reflexion about urban loneliness and Linda sounds so much like Courtney Love herself hasn`t sounded in years...Paul Auster once said he gets the best and the worst criticism of all authors he knew. Such polarisation Stuntcat will never experience. "You look so alien in your bloody tuxedo" is a completely successful, fully developed album that you can only rate by giving it two thumbs up!"
- Crazewire

"This couple tries hard to sound like the Gordon-Moore-combi of Sonic Youth, which is ok, because both are big fans of them and their guitars are not that thick...this sounds more calm and is much more accessible."
- Eclipsed

"This is a great, entertaining album that cleans the ears of the consumers in a very appealing way.
By the way, without a single dispensable tone!"
- Gaesteliste

"I'm really digging "the sad story of new york being turned into pasture land" - Mike Watt

"You got me with the title! Love the sound, huge and hypnotic"

- Amy Rigby about "Lindsey Buckingham"

"Cool unison/ harmony vocals. Aaron and I are tryin' to do some of that
on the new Firs recordings. Kind of reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine"

- Tall Firs

"Stuntcat schlagen eine Nische in den deutschen LoFi!" - Motor Music

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