Stuntcat are the two indierock artists Linda and Bjoern Hering. Both of them live and work in Dortmund, but as often as possible they commute between New York, Los Angeles and Formentera, in order to refine their personal artistic field which is influenced by independent music, pop-surrealism and postmodern literature.

Stuntcat was founded after Bjoern left the band Speedway 69 as their singer in 2009. A band, he had many releases and a couple of hundred shows in Germany and in the United States (with Pete Doherty, Babyshambles, New Model Army, Phillip Boa and many more). Together with Linda, who has been with him all the years and who had experimented with various bands before, he founded STUNTCAT. In their home project studio called Negativland they had been experimenting with various possibilities of recording for a whole year in order to fuse together an authentic as possible reflection of their emotional state of mind with the uncontrollable sound of classic indierock elements. Their debut “You look so alien in your bloody tuxedo” was released in February 2011 on VierSieben Records.

Linda and Bjoern present a noisy and extremely fresh work of indierock, which is never florid or overloaded. With their sound they also hint at their longtime indierock idols, such as Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, The Jesus and Marychain and the Velvet Underground, and they polish it up to the high gloss of the latest avant-garde. On their following releases "Robert The Doll" and "The Dark Heart EP" they continue this path.

STUNTCAT repeatedly cooperate with other no-name and lo-fi artists from around the world. This young and uncompromising couple playfully breaks the classic conventions of the latest pop culture and is a surprising valuable addition to the sub cultural scene. Being rare with live shows, they nowadays play various DJ Sets in Germany and Spain. Going solo, Bjoern is running his successful electro music project DAS KRACH.